Could the internet be shut off?

What Exactly is The Internet?

First of all what is the internet, it is constructed of wires and switches of which ISP’S (internet service provider) such as Shaw and Telus manage. As well there are huge cables under the ocean that go as deep as Mount Everest is high, and satellites in space that connect countries and Nations. Some countries and Nations actually have control over the isps, and they could turn off their portion of the interweb as they control it presently, and the following countries have in recent history such as Syria, Iran, North-Korea, and Egypt.

Technically the isps around the world such as Shaw, Telus, AT&T, etcetera would have to turn off their portion of the connectivity to the web, Chartrand says.

There are systems setup by our separate western governments ordering ISP’S to shut down portions of the network and isolate equipment of offending clients for national security reasons.

If all the ISP’S of the world would shut off their portion of the interweb at the same time the internet could essentially be turned off but it can’t be turned off by some mysterious switch all at once. It would appear to us as power outages on certain platforms and certain areas but not all at the same time.

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