Google Maps: Potential Sabotage

“Google Maps fraud is a problem for all businesses”, warns Mike Chartrand.

Google’s apps and services have become an essential part of running a business. Users rely on the search engine to connect with businesses online and Google Maps to direct them to locations. Some people are focused on sabotaging others for their own gain. Imagine, for example, a local business changing the phone listing or business hours of its competition to stop people from visiting, or someone changing the name of the store. Mike Chartrand , an avid Google Local Guide Calgary contributor, is on a mission to fix these problems.

He has added many businesses in the Calgary area to the Google Maps platform. Mike started out by rating and reviewing hundreds of businesses on Google Maps. The platform also collects data about places people go, and asks users to participate in voluntary questioners to learn about things like parking, wheelchair accessibility, ambiance, and hours. Business owners complained to Mike about incorrect information. “I was approached by these owners who were like, ‘I have problems with this listing.” I looked at it, and fixed it.

People targeting Google Maps are finding all sorts of ways to mislead users who rely on the Maps to get around and find the businesses they want, according Mike. He said he has seen cases where sales have tanked as a result.

If you need assistance with your Google Listing, call Calgary Google Maps local guide Mike at: 403-990-0362.