Situated and recovering data in Calgary, sharing our Military and industrial experience with the general public, and corporations.

Hard Drive Data Loss is the most popular type of Media we recover from, usually hard drive crashes happen accidentally, hitting or bumping the computer, absent minded deletions can be terrifying. This is the moment you realize backing up would have been a good idea, and how many pictures and documents you had.

A Laptop Shoppe’s technicians are sympathetic to your unfortunate situation, we understand and offer same day/next day service with no hidden fees, surcharges, extras, and add-ons. Our honest and friendly staff are experienced in dealing with data loss we guarantee no data, no charge.

Some of our customers are: Mcbride Career Group, the University of Calgary, Sunco Drywall, and The City of Calgary.

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Author:  Mike Chartrand, C.E.T.

Having served in the Military on the F-18 Hornets in West Germany during the Cold War, Mike puts what he learned to good use by helping Small Business with All types of Data Recovery in Calgary at his store located at 3 2280 39 Avenue NE Calgary. If you have any questions he can be reached at 403-274-5190.