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At A Laptop Repair Shoppe we offer a wide range of computer services. If you need your computer pc or laptop repaired, you can trust our team of highly experienced professionals providing services and expertise that we’ve developed over the past 25 years.

LCD Screen Repair

We specialize in all types of break-fix and lcd screen repairs.

Apple Macbook Repair

We are Calgary’s first-class after warranty Apple® computer, MacBook/mac repair and upgrade center.

Liquid Damage & Motherboard Repair

Spilled liquid or motherboard damage? We have a high level of recovery using specialized equipment.

Power Connector &
Hinge Repair

Broken power connector or hinge? We replace or custom repair power connector and hinges.

Virus & Malware Removal

Virus removal is one of our specialties; of any kind - malware, spyware, etc. We save all of your data and your privacy is guaranteed.

Data Recovery

We recover all types of files such as documents, pictures, songs, movies, accounting data, critical data, and sensitive data.

Black Screen Of Death, Windows & Apple OS Repair and Install

Do you see the black screen of death? The blue screen of death? Or did an update cause your computer to fail? We've got you covered!

DynaBook & Lenovo Warranty Authorized Service Center

We are proud to be a hand selected warranty authorized service center for Dynabook/Toshiba and Lenovo computers.

Any Other Services

Don't see your issue listed here? We've got you covered - we fix toaster to fighter jets!

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Highly Skilled

“I spilled wine on my macbook a week before my midterms and I thought I had lost my papers and school work. I brought my computer to the Apple store and they just wanted to sell me a new one and couldn’t recover my data. I was worries that I had lost semester worth of work, notes, and writing. I called a laptop shoppe and they were able to fix my macbook and recover all of my files that I thought I had lost within 3 days. My life was saved!”

count on us

We Listen

“Just wanted to send a thank you note regarding the ASUS refurbished laptop I just purchased from A Laptop Shoppe.  The hardware specs that I had demanded were implemented as requested and the Windows 10 O/S was properly installed and up-to-date.

It did not disappoint!  The ASUS does everything I need it to do and more.  It live streams effortlessly – it records videos – and has horsepower to spare.  The 1TB disk drive will take me a very long time to fill up.

Thank you again and Happy Holidays!”

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Trust Relationship

“Are you looking for someone to fix your computer but are worried about strangers fixing it. This was how I felt because I run a small business. I wanted the person fixing my computer to be honest, reliable and could do it in a day or two. My wife said there was guy from her church who could fix it. I was having blue screen of death issues and malware slowing the computer down . We called Laptop Repair Shoppe and set up a day they could come and get our computer and take it to their repair shop to be fixed. They had it a couple of days and when they returned it and installed I was blown away how fast and how well it runs. The service was excellent and professional and they helped us set up our new printers while they were here. I am going to get him to update our other computer in a couple of weeks as well. If you are worried about just anyone looking inside you computer then give these guys a call. They are licensed, insured and very honest .”

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Yes we do software and hardware computer and laptop repair.

Yes we do LCD screen repairs.

Yes we do power connector repair.

Yes we do software and hardware upgrades that make computers run faster and increase speed. This way, you don’t have to buy a new computer!

Yes we do virus removal.

Yes we provide managed IT Services for business. This includes cabling, backups, cloud service…

No, we only charge if we were able to fix your computer.

Yes we have a 90 day warranty.

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