Tips for Buying the Right Laptop

When Buying Laptops, Think Ahead, Protect Your Data…

When buying laptops one of the many advantages of purchasing leaseback or new business laptops are the durability features of your laptop’s drive. Your hard drive is where you store your songs , pictures, and your crucial business data. A drive failure will severely affect your productivity and your pocket book.

Business Class vs Retail Computers

Nearly all business-class notebooks include a shock-mounted hard drive that’s designed to dampen vibration when placing the computer on a surface.

These business class laptops also include active hard drive protection which uses an on-board accelerometer that senses whether the laptop is experiencing motion, such as a bump or a drop.

In one millisecond, the hard drive will park its heads (the parts that read data from the platters) to prevent them from hitting the platter; which typically spin at 7200 rpm, or very fast, which could physically obliterate data or damage the whole head mechanism, and the platter. Most of the time this happens bit by bit over a year or two, then your computer starts operating poorly or you can’t access some of your files, conveniently – as the Box Store warranty wears out,  you bring it in to our computer repair shop. We remove the hard drive, after testing we determine if your drive has bad sectors caused by the heads hitting the platters.

Quality First Saves Money and Time Later

Our technician then has to remove your data after repairing the damaged sectors, transfer the recovered data to a good drive and install it, and configure it, usually costing in the range of $350 including a new hard drive.

Almost all customers say the same thing: “I could have bought a new laptop for that”, which isn’t totally true because your new laptop wouldn’t have your files and data on it (unless you implemented a proper backup) and you would still require a data recovery.

The moral of the story, now that you know this major deficiency, is to purchase a business laptop rather than a low grade retail box Store version.

Apple Computers are Quality Computers

I would like to point out for all the Apple users out there disregard this post.

MacBook Pro laptops are business class computers, Apple has never played the low-end laptop shell game in the Box Store.
Apple laptops are business class computers.
Apple has always maintained the high standards of business quality computers hence why Apple has the reputation of expensive reliable laptops when in fact they are the same price and reliability as the competitors business models, not found in the box store.

Don’t compare apples to oranges no pun intended, lol.

Get Business Class for Less

At A laptop Shoppe we make this cost effective for you because we sell the lease back laptops.

A leaseback laptop as opposed to a new business laptop which is upwards of $1000 – $2,000, is a laptop which large corporations return as a tax deduction within 18 months, we then make sure everything is up to par similar to leaseback cars and trucks, we than put up to a two year warranty on the laptop and sell it to you at a fraction of the cost of a new laptop which incidentally is about the same price as the low end new laptop at the Box Store $450- $800.

Seriously, Get a Business Class Computer/Laptop – Here’s Why…

Just to accentuate the point, our business receives approximately 30% of our annual income from fixing these retail laptops bought from box stores. Save yourself the headache and frustration of having to recover your files once your laptop fails just when you need it most and have to purchase a new laptop when least expected.

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