All laptops, PCs, and digital devices such as cameras, photocopiers and phones, use hard drives to store data. These hard disks are electro-mechanical or solid state devices which fail for many reasons. A couple common categories of hard drive failure are physical damage or logical corruption. Hard drives are sensitive so the devices containing hard drives should be handled with care, since hard drives have platters that spin at speeds of 7200 rpm while heads search those platters at less than a thickness of a hair .

Having a PC on the floor at your feet is not recommended due time the fact your feet may von. Email in contact with the PC affecting the hard drive , as well if your using a retail laptop bought in a box store you should be cautious in handling your laptop while it’s in operation, business class laptops have active hard drive protection which means they have software and hardware built in which cause the Heads to retract when they sense motion protecting the heads and platters in the process.

At A Laptop Shoppe we recover data for all circumstances including:
– Hard drive has crashed
– Laptop or PC does not start
– You experience blue screens
– Applications freeze
– Disk errors
– Cannot access data
– USB stick “Drive Not Formatted
– “Do You Want To Format Drive”
– Drive makes clicking noise
– Drive not recognized in the BIOS
– Drive accidentally formatted
– Accentually deleted data
– Files, emails or pictures lost
– Hard drive water or fire damage
– “Operating System Not Found”
– USB stick not detected
– Hard drive partition is damaged

Author:  Mike Chartrand, C.E.T.

Having served in the Military on the F-18 Hornets in West Germany during the Cold War, Mike puts what he learned to good use by helping Small Business with All types of Data Recovery in Calgary at his store located at 3 2280 39 Avenue NE Calgary. If you have any questions he can be reached at 403-274-5190.