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Calgary’s Best Laptop Repair and Data Recovery

As our name implies we are Calgary’s premier laptop repair facility and we have been serving the Calgary area for over 20 years. Are you currently facing laptop troubles? Whether it’s laptop repair, virus removal, data recovery, or apple MacBook repairs, we fix it. We service our regular managed business clients and walk-ins at our […]

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Data Recovery Levels

The four levels of recovery are: Logical Data Recovery: Meaning a Data rebuild after an accidental repartitioning or deletion of drive. As well as damage from a virus attack, or partly damaging, overwriting, or reinstalling the operating system, In this case there is no physical damage to the hard drive, or the interface card, In

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Situated and recovering data in Calgary, sharing our Military and industrial experience with the general public, and corporations. Hard Drive Data Loss is the most popular type of Media we recover from, usually hard drive crashes happen accidentally, hitting or bumping the computer, absent minded deletions can be terrifying. This is the moment you realize

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All laptops, PCs, and digital devices such as cameras, photocopiers and phones, use hard drives to store data. These hard disks are electro-mechanical or solid state devices which fail for many reasons. A couple common categories of hard drive failure are physical damage or logical corruption. Hard drives are sensitive so the devices containing hard