Cracked laptop screen

PC or Mac Laptop Screen Repairs

Don’t throw out your laptop or Mac needing a screen repair.  Trust our team to fix it and treat you right.  Great service at a fair price.

“A Laptop Shoppe” can repair your screen for any brand including Apple, Dell, Lenovo, Sony, and Asus. It doesn’t matter where you originally bought the computer, we can make the screen as good as new.

Quality Matters

There are low-quality and cheap parts out there and we don’t use them. Why? Every repair that we carry out comes with a full 3-year warranty that protects your laptop screen against manufacturing defects.  We only deal with high quality components to repair your computer.

MacBook air with broken screenApple Screens

We fix screens on Apple MacBook’s too, using the exact same screens that Apple does. In some cases we’re $600 less than Apple, and we can get your MacBook back in your hands faster.

It’s terrible when your computer breaks, so we strive to keep it only as long as necessary, usually 4-7 business days. If you want it back faster, ask about our Premium Rush Services.

My screen isn’t smashed

There are times when the picture on your laptop doesn’t look right, but the screen isn’t physically damaged. The screen might be dark, where you can see the images if you look at the right angle, but it’s definitely too dark. It might be flickering, or the picture shows when you move the screen but as soon as you stop, it goes blank again.

Don’t worry, whatever is happening to your laptop, we’ve seen it before, It might be a loose cable, or it might be the screen. We’ll give you an honest assessment and get your laptop working as quickly as possible.

What should you do next?

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