Data Recovery Levels

The four levels of recovery are:

Logical Data Recovery: Meaning a Data rebuild after an accidental repartitioning or deletion of drive.
As well as damage from a virus attack, or partly damaging, overwriting, or reinstalling the operating system, In this case there is no physical damage to the hard drive, or the interface card, In other words the Media is properly functioning.

Electrical Data Recovery: This means the interface card has been damaged, or the firmware is corrupted.

Physical Data Recovery: This means the Heads are damaged, and need to be removed and swapped with Heads from a Donor drive in a clean room.

Unrecoverable Cases: Meaning Last chance data recovery which was refused by other Laboratories, Some examples of the type of deep damage caused from physical damage, liquid flood, fire, dropped, crushed, or intentionally smashed.

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Author:  Mike Chartrand, C.E.T.

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