Overheating Laptop Repair

What To Do When Your Laptop is Overheating ….

Problem: Overheating laptop
Solution: Have it serviced by professionals… Why?

As owner of A Laptop shoppe, Air Force Veteran, and Technologist servicing the F-18 hornet fighter jets, Mike Chartrand explains why an overheating laptop can be a major problem.

“With an overheating laptop, the fan is usually the source of the issue. The problem with not disassembling the laptop to clean the fan properly is that using compressed air from outside the laptop through the vent holes may damage your laptop. The fan will actually spin so fast it may break the little blades off (doesn’t happen in all cases, just know it’s possible); replacement of these custom fans is relatively expensive in the range of $200 and usually takes 30 days to order. So I suggest bringing the laptop in for service and letting our techs do it the correct way – by disassembling the laptop which is approximately $119. While disassembled, I found that laptops with about 1-2+ years of use – the thermal paste between the CPU and cooler starts to degrade and so the laptop starts overheating. The CPU heat sink needs to be removed and new thermal paste applied between the heat sink and CPU. Now it’s properly serviced, this should be checked every 18 months or when over heating occurs. If the fans are not cleaned and the overheating continues, it can permanently damage or completely ruin the computer/laptop”

overheating laptop repair

As a courtesy to all of our customers we include a hard drive test to ensure the healthy status of your hard drive, preventing data loss.

Remember we also perform all brands of laptop repair, virus removal, data recovery or Apple MacBook repairs.

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