Data Recovery in Calgary

Low-Cost Data Recovery

We recover all types of files such as documents, pictures, songs, movies, accounting data, critical data, and sensitive data.

From any device including desktop hard drives, external and portable hard drives, notebook hard drives, mobile video and audio devices, flash based USB storage devices, camera memory cards, optical media, tape and cartridge media, specialized software recovery, and certified data deletion services.

The damage can be from any type of natural disaster (such as flood, fire, etc), accidental or intentional destruction of any type, or a system crash. The device can be completely dysfunctional and inoperable: meaning it doesn’t even turn on. We are here to get your data back!

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We can help you know what to look for in a data recovery company, here are some important tips to make the process a little easier and ensure you get the service you need.

No Recovery, No Fee If we are unable to recover your data, you will not be charged a fee.

Certified Data Recovery A Laptop Shoppe is a certified data recovery company. We have received certifications from Dell™, ACE Consulting Ltd., ASUS, Toshiba, CompTIA®, and Seagate® Recovery Services™.

Estimate Included if We Do The Recovery We will assess the damage for $97.50 and if you decide for us to go through with the data recovery, the estimate is free.

Free Hard Drive Pick-Ups in Calgary Free hard drive pick-up services are available to Calgary residents.

Discounts Discounts are available to students, those with low income, and other select groups.

The Four Levels of Recovery are:

  1. Logical Data Recovery: Meaning a data rebuild after an accidental re-partitioning or deletion of a drive, damage from a virus attack, or partly damaging, overwriting, or reinstalling the operating system: in this case there is no physical damage to the hard drive, or the interface card — in other words the media is properly functioning.
  1. Electrical Data Recovery: This means the interface card has been damaged, or the firmware is corrupted.
  1. Physical Data Recovery: This means the heads are damaged, and need to be removed and swapped with heads from a donor drive in a clean room.
  1. Unrecoverable Cases: Meaning last chance data recovery which was refused by other laboratories. Some examples of the type of deep damage caused from physical damage are, liquid floods, fires, being dropped, crushed, or intentionally smashed.

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