How to Make a Strong Password

I’ll tell you how to make a very strong password you can easily remember. This is an easy way to create a secure password that you won’t forget later.

“One of the easiest ways to give yourself a strong password is by using a full sentence,” said Mike Chartrand of A Laptop Shoppe Corp.

Located in Calgary Alberta Canada, specializing in Managed Services and Business Continuity.

use strong passwords

Here’s How

This is how a full-sentence system works : Make an everyday sentence that you will remember, here is an example “I am the Calgary flames #1 fan”.

Next make the password by shortening the sentence, taking the 1st letter of each word, “Iatcf#1f”. This includes lowercase, uppercase, a special character, and a number”. “Just remember the sentence and voila, your secure password.

Hacker tools can easily crack words with a number at the end or passwords like “12345678” it would only take seconds to break, Chartrand says, For solution based technical advice and laptop repair, virus removal, data recovery, or apple MacBook repairs call Mike at 403-990-0362.

Author:  Mike Chartrand, C.E.T.

Having served in the Military on the F-18 Hornets in West Germany during the Cold War, Mike puts what he learned to good use by helping Small Business with All types of Data Recovery in Calgary at his store located at 3 2280 39 Avenue NE Calgary. If you have any questions he can be reached at 403-274-5190.