Virus removal is one of  A Laptop Shoppe's specialties - malware, spyware, etc. They save all of your data and your privacy is guaranteed. Their rates are very affordable, our service is lightning fast — meaning same-day/next-day service. All of their competition is at least 25% higher in cost with a one week wait time. They not only remove the embedded, inconvenient, offending software, they prevent future infections with our proven formula of add-ons and

A Laptop Shoppe caters to the needs of the small business community, including businesses in Calgary, Chestermere , Cochrane and beyond. For over 20 years we have worked hard to deliver same day service and thorough inspections. Our technicians are highly trained and certified, we guarantee the quality of our work. By employing the services of A Laptop Shoppe you will receive a thorough analysis of your business' computer infrastructure with a personal, friendly, and
"A Laptop Shoppe", in Calgary replaces screens for every brand of laptop, including Dell, Sony and Asus. It doesn’t matter where you originally bought the laptop, we can make the screen as good as new. Quality Matters As with many things, there are different levels of quality. We only deal with the highest quality components, every repair that we carry out comes with a full 3 year warranty that protects your laptop screen against manufacturing
Fewer customers are asking for custom built computers . While custom computers maybe more expensive than prepackaged desktops or laptops, they can provide you with more possibilities, whether you're looking for a gaming machine, or a system dedicated to a particular application. A custom computer is the way to go if you want both performance and flexibility. Upgrading individual parts often is less expensive than buying a new computer, which could save you money in
Ransomware is affecting our customers finances. They have risen to over $1,000 in 2016, up from $300 a year earlier in 2015. The hackers spreading ransomware are seeing opportunity, "Hackers are preying upon the average person and business who doesn't take backup and business continuity seriously", Chartrand says. At A Laptop Shoppe we have been detecting more ransomware infection attempts. In 2016, the figure jumped by 40 percent from 2015. As a data recovery company
I'll tell you how to make a very strong password you can easily remember. This is an easy way to create a secure password that you won't forget later. "One of the easiest ways to give yourself a strong password is by using a full sentence," said Mike Chartrand of A Laptop Shoppe Corp. Located in Calgary Alberta Canada, specializing in Managed Services and Business Continuity. Here's how This is how a full-sentence system works
 BENEFITS of Managed Service ProvidersBusinesses of all sizes are continuing to choose managed service providers (MSP) to assist in the operation and maintenance of their IT infrastructure.When you make the decision to outsource to an MSP, you have the ability to access skills and knowledge that you may not have within your in-house IT department. These services help to reduce business risk, improve cost management, and add business value.Reduce RiskThere is a certain amount of
A pop-up ad that promotes Windows 10's Edge browser and Bing Rewards, and how to turn it OFF The pop-up for the Chrome extension looks similar. Want to deal with this windows 10 issue? Read on! Microsoft says, “new features and information can help users enhance their Windows 10 experience.” It’s unlikely that Microsoft will stop using these task-bar ads even though customers pay for Windows. Microsoft advertises its own software and services. Here is
  What Exactly is The Internet? First of all what is the internet, it is constructed of wires and switches of which ISP'S (internet service provider) such as Shaw and Telus manage. As well there are huge cables under the ocean that go as deep as Mount Everest is high, and satellites in space that connect countries and Nations. Some countries and Nations actually have control over the isps, and they could turn off their
When Buying Laptops, Think Ahead, Protect Your Data... When buying laptops one of the many advantages of purchasing leaseback or new business laptops are the durability features of your laptop’s drive. Your hard drive is where you store your songs , pictures, and your crucial business data. A drive failure will severely affect your productivity and your pocket book. Business Class vs Retail Computers Nearly all business-class notebooks include a shock-mounted hard drive that's designed