Some Advice

If your hard drive or other device has fizzled, contact us - we have the tools and know-how to restore it.


Don't Do The Repair Yourself

Attempting data recovery yourself is not safe. In an attempt to save money some clients are tempted to use software applications found online. A number of these applications can aid in the data recovery process but depending on the particular failure(s) they can compound the problems - damaging and/or irreversibly destroying your data. We know which programs to use to safely recover your data. Recovering data is a process that needs to be followed strictly using the right software and hardware tools.

Recovering data properly requires a mixture of tailor-made professional software and hardware to repair and recover data. These instruments are not only exceptionally expensive but require a considerable amount of expertise to use.


Get an Expert on the Job!

Contact a data recovery specialist for a professional recommendation. A computer technician and a data recovery specialist are not equivalant.

Why Choose Us

A Laptop Shoppe is a certified data recovery company. We have received certifications from Dell™, ACE Consulting Ltd., ASUS, Toshiba, CompTIA®, and Seagate® Recovery Services™

✓ We offer a very high data recovery success rate thanks to our equipment and technicians.

✓ Due to our data recovery methods you'll have your data back very quickly.

✓ We follow a straightforward 'no fix - no charge' policy. Assessments and pickup within Calgary are free.

✓ Data recovery services are performed locally in Calgary Ab.

✓ Ask around (Google Reviews, Better Business Bureau, social media sites, etc.). A Laptop Shoppe has received multiple business awards and has built up a reputation for successful, timely, and low cost computer repair and data recovery service.

✓ Discounts are available to students, those with low income, and other select groups.