Laptop Repair in Calgary

As our name implies we are Calgary’s premier laptop repair facility and we have been serving the Calgary area for over 20 years. Are you currently facing laptop troubles? We service our regular managed business clients and walk-ins at our storefront in North-East Calgary, and service laptops that other repair facilities and box stores bring to us; who don’t have the skills necessary to perform these highly technical repairs.



Broken laptop repair

Some of the reasons customers love our laptop repair services are:

  • + We have friendly and honest staff.
  • + Work is performed at our shop in Calgary.
  • + We offer same day service, free pickup in Calgary
  • + We offer competitive rates, fully guaranteed.
  • + We are certified, qualified, and insured.

Some of the Problems We repair:

  • + Laptop doesn't turn on.
  • + Laptop LCD screen is damaged.
  • + Laptop has a broken hinge.
  • + Laptop power connector is damaged.
  • + Laptop fan stopped functioning.
  • + Laptop is overheating.
  • + Laptop is dirty and needs maintenance.
  • + Laptop main board/video card is malfunctioning.
  • + Literally anything else you can possibly think of!