Data Recovery Procedure


A technician will first asses the device using professional equipment and software diagnostic tools. These tools encompass a range of file level (logical), electrical, mechanical (physical), and firmware tests.

With these tools we determine failures, discover potential causes, and most significantly determines exactly how much of your data will be recoverable.

A technician will generate a quote dependent on the diagnostics conclusions and an estimated time frame for recovery. This analysis is usually completed within 24 - 72 hours.

After the initial assessment is complete, you will be contacted and informed. If you decide to go through with the recovery we'll move forward with the repair at our Calgary office.


Depending on what was found during the assessment, we'll either try to bypass, repair, or replace the components required to access the device.


Firstly, the technician will try to create a duplicate copy of your data. Creating a duplicate enables us to fix and recover your data safely. If a duplicate can't be created the device will undergo additional repairs.

File System Repair

Once a working duplicate is created we use software to reform and repair the data in the copy. We search for a file system, which is where and how data is organized on a device. After the file system has been located, it is repaired and prepared to have it's data extracted. If a file system is not located we check for encryption and start back from the duplication process.

Verifying The Data

We then verify the data using a combination of automated software and human processing to ensure the data is operative and free of errors. In the case that multiple errors exist, the device is re-copied.

Data Copy Transfer

Once verified, we copy the recovered data to a replacement storage device (hard drive, memory stick, etc.).

Why Choose Us

A Laptop Shoppe is a certified data recovery company. We have received certifications from Dell™, ACE Consulting Ltd., ASUS, Toshiba, CompTIA®, and Seagate® Recovery Services™

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✓ Due to our data recovery methods you'll have your data back very quickly.

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