Computer Services at Their Best - We Save All of Your Data and Do Not Reformat/Wipe Your Drive!

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Computer services are our specialty, but A Laptop Shoppe doesn't just repair desktop computers, we also repair servers of all makes and models, and laptops, too (and so much more - think, any electronic device!). You can leave the technical side to us or we can answer all of your questions and give you a run through of what you can do to help your software and hardware last! If you want friendly staff and service, and to have your computer running like new, come to A Laptop Shoppe's computer repair and virus removal specialists. See below for a list of some of our services.

Our Data Recovery Success Rates Rivals The Top Data Recovery Centers in The World

Additionally we are Calgary’s customer preferred after warranty Apple® repair center. We actually repair infected computers by removing the offending software, such as viruses, spyware, and malware and keep all of your data safe and as it was. With our highly skilled technologists; we haven’t lost a customer's file or a picture in over 20 years. Our data recovery engineers success rate rivals the top data recovery centers in the world.

Our onsite service team, in conjunction with our remote service and support technologist will fix any problem you have; guaranteed every time. We don't want to waste your time with the extremely long and detailed list of what and how we repair - seriously, if you have a problem, with ANY electronics, we will fix it! but if you must know, see the list here.

We'll Start Fixing Your Computer Today

We offer same-day service, whether on-site or in-house, with our many computer repair technicians - who are always ready to start fixing! We start fixing your computer right away, and will provide an immediate solution. We protect your data at all times, when repairing software issues, issues relating to blue screen, slow performance, computer freezing, pop-ups, internet problems, email problems, data recovery, Windows® issues, hardware problems, and much more.



Our Services:

Same-day next-day service and free pick-up! 24/7 service available.

All Makes and Models of:

  • + Laptops
  • + Desktops (gaming computers too!)
  • + Servers
  • + Printers
  • + Other electronics
  • + Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, IBM,Toshiba, Gaming Laptop Repair (and all others)



  • + Linux
  • + Apples (Mac)
  • + Windows
  • + And More!


What Do We Repair?:

  • + Virus, malware, spyware, and browser hijacker removal
  •    ++ without reformatting/wiping your drive (nothing will be lost!)
  • + Data recovery
  • + Hardware and software repair
  • + Soldering and circuitry repairs
  • + Troubleshooting of complex network problems
  • + Overheating and overclocking issues
  • + Main board and electronics repair
  • + Desktop computer repair
  • + Server repair
  • + All and every kind of laptop repair
  • + Don't see what you need here? We ensure you, we fix it!

Other Services:



  • + In shop repairs
  • + Onsite IT support (even for printers)
  •    ++ Free pickup
  • + Remote support and repair

Seriously, If You Have a Problem, With ANY Electronics, We Will Fix It!

Our qualified technicians repair laptop power connector problems, power jacks, LCD problems, hinge problems, power adapter issues, and any other computer/electronic issue you may have. We leave no stone un-turned when we take you on as a client. Thorough analysis of your business' computer infrastructure with a personal approach, we build long term relationships with our customers.

We offer comprehensive  computer services and repair solutions at our store with added expertise in network cabling, onsite printer repair, server computer installs and troubleshooting of complex network problems, laptop screen repair, main board & electronics repair, computer and laptop software & hardware repair, virus, malware, spyware, browser hijacker removal, Windows based & Apple specialist.

Our guaranteed, insured service, is performed by qualified professional technicians at our Calgary store location for your convenience.

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Basic Rates 
Basic rate for diagnosis and repair (1 hour minimum charge on all work)$89
Pick-up charge within the Calgary region$0
Delivery charge within the Calgary region$40+
Operating system fresh install (software not included)$178
Operating system upgrade + data migration (software not included)$267
Virus or malware / spyware removal$185
Desktop – RAM, hard drive, video card, DVD burner upgrades (+ price of hardware)$44.50 + hardware
Desktop – Motherboard, CPU, case exchange (+ price of hardware)$89 + hardware
Desktop – power supply replacement (+ price of hardware)$89+ hardware
Desktop – tower cleaning and dust removal$44.50
Laptop – screen replacement (+ price of hardware)$195 + hardware
Laptop – keyboard replacement (+ price of hardware)$150 + hardware
Laptop – fan, CPU or heatsink replacement (+ price of hardware)$89 + hardware
Laptop – ram upgrade (+ price of hardware)$44.50+ hardware
Laptop – hard drive replacement ( + cost of fresh operating system installation + price of hardware)$267 + hardware
Laptop – motherboard replacement (+ price of hardware)$133.50 + hardware
Laptop Hinge repair (+ price of hardware)$150 + hardware
Laptop – power jack repair (+ price of hardware)$175 + hardware
Printer setup$44.50
Backup of hard drive to external device (+ price of hardware)$89 + hardware
Backup of hard drive to online service (not including cost of service)$97.50
Backup of hard drive to another computer(+ price of hardware)$33.50 + hardware
Restoring data from backup$89
Data recovery and file undelete service (from functioning hard drive)$250+
Data recovery and file delete service (from NON-functioning hard drive)$500+