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Business Continuity Need More Than This Hard Drive Can Offer

Business Continuity with Reliable Backups and Full Recovery Educate and prepare yourself. Rather than hardly recovering from a disaster, have a business continuity solution in place. Having received my education and early experience managing military equipment. Subsequently high tech industrial equipment. I’d like to point out that when it comes to data protection – it is not about how well you backup, it is about how well you recover. Most businesses can’t afford to spend their valuable time backing…

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business security

What Do You Need to Know About Business Security? You need to know as much as possible about business security even if you don’t own one. As an employee you can be a part of the business security! These tips are even useful for the general public to make sure they aren’t being targeted by hackers and scammers. As long as people use e-mail, cyber-attacks will continue to occur. Click here to jump to the real life internal business…

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managed services and networking

Disaster Strikes – Data Loss! It’s the worst nightmare of any small business owner – you get a call in the middle of the night from someone on your team, telling you the server is down and some data may have been lost. Every hour a server is down means that your business is at risk. In a worst-case scenario, lost or compromised data could impact a mission-critical business process. Every business needs a managed services provider or a…

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